there is no higher


a wedding gown that embodies hopes, dreams and

than to design

badass style.

Designing to me is a constant art form.

A way for people's personalities to be portrayed visually, and yet different to reflect our moods each day. Designing is power, there's literally nothing else about a persons body that can change as drastically as what they choose to wear.

Fashion can tell a story, be a warning, and even help us achieve amazing things.

I choose to design bridal gowns because as a designer there's no higher compliment than a woman choosing me to design the gown they've been dreaming of since they were a little girl.

It's an everlasting relationship or bond that will live on in photos, and the thought of my designs being looked at for decades is priceless.

That's why I love bridal!

I love to give my clients their dreams, after all it's not just a dress, it's a new beginning, a new chapter in life, it's a powerful statement piece. I want to empower my brides, they should feel beyond special in that gown, they should feel extraordinary.

Roberta here. 

"  Roberta really listens to my dreams and visions and what I really am looking for in my dream wedding dress!" - Arielle  

" Roberta combined my ideas to create a new dress with all the features I wanted, AND I never had to have it altered, because it was made just for me." - REBECCA


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